Use Alexa To Play Apple Music

Alexa has been launched, and already it supports myriad miscellaneous features When you want to play your music, Alexa Apple Music app is always ready to assist you at the right time.

Alexa music | How To Play Alexa Music?

In the music playing category, Alexa has already joined hands with various music channels. Ample worldwide music contents from multiple music channels are ready to play instantly with a simple voice prompt. Alexa has finally integrated with the Apple music and it’s very pleasurable news for all those worldwide Apple users.


Alexa Apple Music
Alexa Apple Music

Here we provide you with easy steps to integrate the Alexa Apple music app to stream the seamless music contents.


The requirements for this Alexa Apple music are an Alexa device, smartphone, Alexa mobile app and other account credentials.

Steps to get Alexa Apple music

  • In the first place, get the Alexa mobile app from the app store and install in your smartphone
  • Open the Alexa app in your smartphone and sign in using your own individual Amazon account
  • You should use the same Amazon account in which you have already connected the echo device
  • Enter the app and you can see the main menu in the top left screen
  • Tap that menu icon and click the settings option
  • Select the ‘music’ option in the drop-down menu under the settings
  • Then, click the link new service option and you can see the connected music platforms under the Manage services option
  • Tap the Apple music icon to link the Apple music services to your Alexa device
  • After the previous step, you will enter a new page called Apple music
  • Beneath the Apple music logo, click the ‘enable to use’ button
  • Subsequently, enter your Apple ID and password to enter your Apple account
  • Then, click ‘allow’ to grant access for the Alexa to access the Apple music contents
  • Give the appropriate voice command to play the music and enjoy streaming

You can also set the Apple music app as the default music app for Alexa under the settings.

Above all, other than the given instructions, if you want to know more about Alexa Apple music and to clarify any other miscellaneous troubles, please contact our technical team by the toll-free number at +1-844-721-4070 or visit setup echo

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