Setup Echo Plus

Among the popular Amazon devices available in the market today, Echo Plus stands ahead with top features and specifications. If you have the device at your home, start the setup right away before which, you need to read and understand the setup Echo Plus guidelines.

Setup Echo Plus
Setup Echo Plus

The top and best features of Echo Plus is one main reason why most of the customers prefer the device. These include the temperature sensor, attractive design, excellent audio output and a lot more. When you compare Echo Plus first generation with the second generation, the features are numerous and most of the customers prefer using the latter.

To start the setup, you need an Amazon account and other preliminary requisites such as a good speed network connection and the Echo Plus app.

How To Setup and Configure Amazon Echo Plus?

  • Switch on your Echo Plus device and start connecting all the necessary cables to the required slot
  • Go to the respective webpage or the store to download the Amazon app to install it on your mobile device
  • Sign in to a valid Amazon account and create a new account
  • You can now open the app and go to the settings menu to add your device
  • Tapping on the Plus symbol will help you to add the device and then, you can follow the onscreen guide
  • Start speaking to make the required selections such as play music, control your Amazon Echo device and also place calls

What if you come across Echo Plus Setup errors

In case, you come across any Echo Plus setup errors, below are the troubleshooting tips that can help you.

  • Check the Echo Plus app that you use and make sure that it is compatible to use with your Echo Plus device
  • Restart the Amazon Echo device that you are using and check if the errors resolve
  • The Amazon account that you use must be valid if not deactivate the account and try using a new account
  • The network connection that you use must be of good speed
  • Try placing the Echo device close to your router so that the signal strength will not interrupt

Read and understand the setup guidelines thoroughly before you start the Echo Plus setup. For assistance to setup Echo, or to troubleshoot the setup errors, you can talk to our certified team right away at +1-844-721-4070.

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