Amazon Echo Show Tips

Amazon Echo show is a better version of Amazon echo device, with an additional 7-inch touch screen feature. This Echo show device is also using the Amazon echo line of products’ virtual assistant ‘Alexa’. This echo show is a significant transformation in the Alexa products, where with visual display, various extensive features are there.

This brand-new echo show was launched in 2017 and the display can be a feed for distinctive Alexa features and furthermore developments in the functionalities. Following are some notable Amazon Echo show tips distinctive features which can be accessed by Amazon echo show.

Amazon Echo Show Tips
Amazon Echo Show Tips


By the use of echo show display feature, you don’t need to listen only for voice replies, but can organize your day to day events, household activities, office tasks, travel times and many more by saying Amazon Echo features, ‘Alexa, show my calendar’. By giving subsequent voice commands you can add or remove any event without any typing tasks.

Location offerings

After the initial setup process, you can tune the echo show device to the device’s location and time zone and you can also alter it through voice commands or go to settings and alter the device options. With the input of device location, echo show can offer the user with varied contents and up-to-date news relatable to that location like weather forecasting and other information of your city. Besides weather, users can also know about the current traffic information on the screen. This is one of the main Amazon Echo show tips that all users should be aware of.

Accessible for hearing and vision impaired

This new upgrade of echo device is available with a concern about hearing and vision impaired users. For the hearing impaired, through the screen menu settings, you can activate closed captioning with the use of message touch feature; you can also view transcripts of voice messages on the screen. You can also perform color conversion like altering the various degrees of colors on the screen for that persons with visual disabilities.

Video and music features

For both the audio and video playback features, you can just control it through voice commands. If the user subscribes to a set of streaming channel lists, just say ‘show me the library of’ certain playlist; the echo device is ready to play all the videos in the list. By saying the genre name or song name as voice command, you can access Music. The subsequent music in the list will be ready to play.

Shopping, Calling, Messaging features

And yes, finally the Amazon’s pivotal part, that is ‘Shopping’. Whatever the product you want to purchase, use the touch option or Alexa command to search for the item. The screen will display the appropriate products in the Amazon top results. By giving ‘show more’ command, you can get more subsequent results on the screen and do easy shopping. Similarly like other voice assistants you can access the call and messaging functionalities also.

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