Amazon Echo TV Control

In the current era of internet trends, electronic gadgets have developed greatly and the progress is tumultuous. Traditional electronic devices have simply evolved and turned out into smarter devices due to various reasons. In this list of devices, Amazon has absolutely got a prominent spot by exploring new ways to attract users. The best example is the Amazon Echo device, whereby connecting with the internet network, it offers various services, just by the input of a voice command. In this blog, we are going to know about Amazon Echo TV control between Amazon Echo device and some TV devices. It includes all the end to end setup and activation steps.

Amazon Echo TV control
Amazon Echo TV control

Initial Requirements To Control TV with Alexa

To connect the Alexa device with the TV, first, you need some device requirements as the following. Different means are available such as Amazon Fire TV device, TV suitable for Alexa (Sony, Visio, LG), Logitech Harmony remote control system, Roku Player, Dish or DirecTV, URC custom remote control system.

With any of the above-mentioned devices, you can easily establish the Amazon Echo TV control.

How to Setup Amazon Echo TV Control?

If you own a fire TV, the setup process is pretty much simple for which you can follow the below steps;

  • To begin with, power on your TV and put the input as Fire TV so that, A fire TV home screen will display
  • Press and hold the microphone button in the Fire TV device and a blue line will appear on your TV
  • Give your voice command and operate your TV using Alexa device

If you have a cable or satellite TV, follow the below instructions;

You cannot directly do the settings in this case and a separate Alexa app is mandatory for this type of setup process.

  • Open your Alexa app, and hit the ‘settings’ icon in the bottom of the Home menu column
  • Click the ‘TV & Video’ option to view the available devices for the TV
  • For some instances, you have to enable the Alexa skill from the cable providers
  • Select the TV device to link and control and finally, press the ‘continue’ button
  • Similarly, choose the Alexa device to control and lastly click ‘link devices’ to connect

Things you can do

After accomplishing this connection, hands-free voice control is enabled. You can easily search the programs and shows just by saying the name of the actor, actress, genre, and other attributes. Even, you can scroll up and down in the menu using voice commands. For the cable and satellite TVs, you can also ask for tuning to the particular channel without any remote.

Above mentioned steps are the basic fundamental processes in connecting the Echo device with TV. Besides this, account registration and launching setup processes are separately available for different TV brands and Dish TVs.

If you are curious to know more detailed information about this Amazon Echo TV control setup process, visit our web page Setup Echo. Also feel free to reach us by the toll-free number +1-844-721-4070.

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