Echo Dot 2nd Generation

Amazon is a widely recognized brand and they are offering different kind of products with the Alexa Echo being a noteworthy addition. Amazon echo device is a famed one in that list of products. By including the echo device in day to day tasks by the user, one can handle multiple features. You must complete echo dot 2nd generation setup to further explore the device.

Echo Dot 2nd Generation Setup
Echo Dot 2nd Generation Setup
  • Echo device 2nd generation is commonly called as echo dot and it is a hands-free smart speaker which is operated by means of voice prompts
  • The major difference is the size, as the echo dot comes up with a minimum size so that it offers an easily portable option for the users more than the echo 1st generation
  • And as usual, this device is also connected to the cloud-based voice service to make different actions using voice prompts like calls, playing music, news and weather, alarms, and act as a smart home device to control other appliances
  • By embracing with beam-forming technology and multiple microphones, the echo dot can perfectly interpret the user voice commands into a reliable output

To get steps about the echo dot 2nd generation setup process, refer below.

Setup Echo Dot 2nd Generation

  • To begin with, download Amazon Alexa app in your smartphone
  • With this single app, you can manage multiple activities on your smartphone itself
  • Move to the app store and download the Alexa app
  • You can also get it from the site also
  • Take the power adapter from the Amazon echo dot package
  • Plug one end of the power adapter to the echo dot device and another end to the power outlet
  • After the power input, first, the echo dot turns blue color and later into orange color
  • Orange color indicates, that the echo dot is ready to use
  • Open your app in the smartphone and enter the main menu by clicking the option on the top left corner
  • In the list of options, tap the ‘Alexa devices’, available devices will be shown in the list
  • Choose your device name and select it. Enter the desired language and finally click the continue button
  • Next, connect the echo dot device to the internet network
  • In the Alexa app itself you can see the available internet networks, whether it is Wi-Fi or mobile internet
  • Select your choice and enter the credentials to log in to the internet network
  • Use the wake word ‘Alexa’ to start your echo dot

If you are curious to buy but skeptical on echo dot device performance, refer the echo dot 2nd generation review from the users to get clear insights about the device usage. Besides the instructions, to get more information about the echo dot 2nd generation setup, call our experts and get support from the Setup Echo toll-free number at +1-844-721-4070.

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