Echo Dot Kids Edition

A new Alexa Echo dot device is now available for your kids. Most of the kids love using it accompanied by top features and specifications. Your kids can now listen to their favorite music, read the news, play games and a lot more. The best part is that there are parental controls available on Alexa for kids. Let us have a quick review of the top features available for Echo Dot Kids Edition and the steps to complete the device setup.

Echo Dot Kids Edition
Echo Dot Kids Edition

Top and Best Features

Alexa AppDownload the Alexa app and then link it to the device. Access the parent dashboard and check the free time settings. All you need to do is, visit the respective store and then start your search.

Alexa Parental Controls – With the help of these parental control settings you can even limit the amount of time your kids access the device. To use the feature, you can just open the parent dashboard and then navigate to the settings. These settings will be near to the child’s profile. Another interesting part is that you can create a free account and then add or remove the contents. Get one year of Amazon free time subscription if you have purchased the device for the first time

To Setup the Echo Dot Kids Edition

It is easy to set up the Alexa for kids and the below-listed guidelines will help you

  • If you are a new user or if your device is new, just collect all the requirements. As you switch on the device, it will prompt you to set the free time automatically
  • You require a compatible app to use with the device and the download process is easy if you visit the store. Start the search by typing the name of the app in the search bar. As the search results appear, you can just select the app and then, tap on the download tab
  • Insert the power cable in such a way that one end of the cable must be connected to the device and the other end to the power outlet
  • A good speed network connection is an essential requisite for using the device and if you use a wireless network connection it can offer you a better output. To connect the device to the network you can go to the (settings > Device settings> Select the name of the device from the list> Choose the name of the network> click on the Add a Network option) and your device will be automatically get connected.

Read our reviews to find out top features and specifications that are characteristic of the device. Understand the setup instructions before you start the setup.

Get the Alexa for kids and they can enjoy watching and listening to the programs that they like. To know how to setup the device, you can either read the setup guidelines available on our webpage Setup Echo. Otherwise, ring the support number +1-844-721-4070 to know more and to get more updates.

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