Use your Amazon Alexa Device to Make Calls

Want to speak to your dear ones or send an important message? Start making a call using your Amazon Alexa device. Top features that enable you to make calls are now available on your echo device. Here is our quick guide that explains you more about how to enable Alexa calling. First and foremost, you must do setup your Amazon Echo device and then, execute the other steps for Alexa calling setup.

Start Amazon Echo Device Setup

  • Download the latest Alexa app from the store and connect it to the device
  • Once the step is done, power on the device by connecting the power adaptor
  • Without an internet connection, you cannot use the device and hence, open the app and proceed with the settings to connect to the network

Choose Your Device

Amazon Echo device works with a compatible mobile phone that has a suitable OS version. It will be good if you check the version of the device that you use.

Open the app

  • Open the Amazon Echo device app and you will have a walkthrough of the message settings
  • Read and understand the settings first
  • The device settings will cross-check and verify your contacts with that of your phone
  • Once it is clear that all the contacts are valid, it will proceed with making the calls
  • Connect the Alexa to the mobile device using the mobile app

How to Enable Alexa Calling?

How To Enable Alexa Calling
How To Enable Alexa Calling

Add Contacts to your Alexa

  • To access the contacts, you must add the contacts to your Alexa from the address book to the Alexa app
  • Navigate to the respective settings on the app and start creating a new contact list
  • Ensure that the person you are trying to reach or make a call is available on board
  • Search for the ‘Communicate’ icon, visible on the screen
  • Confirm the name and start verifying the phone number that you use
  • To confirm the phone number, you can start executing the onscreen guide
  • Start speaking to your Alexa or tell the name of the contact which you want to call
  • As soon as you receive or make a call, a corresponding light will start blinking on your device

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Some users find it difficult to make calls and end up with errors and in that case they can use the tips below.

  • Check the alert message on the device display screen
  • Choose the valid contact number to make calls
  • Check if the device that you use is compatible to work with the Alexa app

Do you miss your dear ones; use theAmazon Echo device to make a call. Want to know how to enable Alexa calling to make calls using your Amazon Echo device, then ring the support number +1-844-721-4070 or visit Setup Echo and our agents are available 24/7 to guide you further.

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