The privacy policy is all about the safe and security measures that we follow to safeguard and secure the information or the data collected from the customers. It is important to accept, adhere and understand the policies before you make use of our service.

Information or the data collected from the users

We collect the personal information that include the name, email ID, password, account information, credit card details, location information, device information and a few more. Errors reports are also collected in the event of any dispute or threat arise.

Credit card details are recorded if the users want to make any transactions to get the service. The device information include the manuals, documents that have the features and specifications, setup information of the device.

Location information is also required to access the service that we offer.

Judicial regulations

It is not suggested to misuse the data for personal use and strict rules and regulations will be executed to prevent it. The same information will be handed over to the judicial authorities only after the prior consent of the owners or the users. Refer the rules and the regulations of the copyrights and trademarks and you will get an idea about the rules to be followed.

We are not liable for the threat that arises due to the misuse of the private or personal information caused by the third party authorities.

User responsibility

Users are also responsible to keep the data or information safe and must not disclose it to other organizations unless required. Maintain the confidentiality to prevent the misuse.

Visit our webpage. Read and understand the policies before you make use of the service. Make a note of the toll-free number and ring it to talk to the network support team.