Terms and condition is all about the legal binding between the website and the customers. Read and understand these before you make use of the service that we provide to all our customers. Certain rules and regulations are followed as per the instructions of judicial authorities. Adhere and accept it before you proceed.

Our vision and service

It is our vision to assist the customers to complete the setup-echo, link the device to the account, account creation and troubleshooting the errors.

Execute the copyrights and trademark rules

Copyrights and trademark rules and regulations are followed to resolve the issues that arise due to the copying of data or information available on our webpage. Users are not supposed to use the information or hand it over to the third party organizations or websites. We also take precautions to avoid the errors in the future.

Provide the plan orders and service plans

Plan orders and service plans are collected from all the customers either via email or by chat. The documents will have all the required information about the service that you use.


Cookies are the files stored in devices that will help to improve the website traffic and site performance. Users can check the respective settings to know if it is enabled. The data or the login information of the profile visitors will be stored regularly. We always prefer using cookies for our web pages.


Rules and regulations are followed as per the instructions of the judicial organizations. These rules are applicable to the users who visit our page and website authorities.

We suggest all the users to read and understand the terms and conditions before they make use of the service offered. Our authorities are not liable for the threat that arises due to the data misuse. Speak to our network team to get more updates.