Unusual Alexa Skills

Alexa device has been a great launch for the current technological trends. And it is not stagnant with its launch; Amazon is always pouring their endeavors and efforts to upgrade brand New Alexa skills to provide multiple solutions for the day to day customers’ tasks. Whether it is getting news & weather message or ordering cab/food through the apps, Alexa has around 3,00,000 skills which is now gonna ready to assist you right away with the simple voice prompts.

Unusual Alexa Skills
Unusual Alexa Skills

Here are some of the notable and Unusual Alexa Skills listed below, which are insanely helpful for the users.

Top 7 Unusual Alexa Skills

Classic vintage radio

Even though going parallel with trending musical hits, are you in an anticipation to get the old school radio now? Then this option is surely for you. Use the vintage radio skill on Alexa to get back all your favorite old classic music instantly. While it offers you a show, Alexa will tell the name and actual date of the show. You can get a sequence of random music or even top and selective shows with your voice commands.

Guitar tuner

This is an apt one for the unusual Alexa skills. A happy topic for all the guitar lovers! Use guitar tuner skill to play your selective strings for multiple times without playing multiple tough tunes with your finger.

This Day in History

This is a funny yet infotainment skill, in which Alexa can tell you the historical events taken place on this day. By telling this voice command, you can get immense information about this day and ask Alexa for your own questions also by giving commands of some other dates in the year. To all those avid readers and learners, this is one of the undervalued skills in the Alexa. Use it wisely to get a new way of learning experience added up with some fun.

Night light

Want a mild dim light for your night sleep? Alexa is there… What? Alexa has night skills? The answer is yes. The appealing blue light ring of the Alexa is widely recognizable one. And yes, with the night light skill, Alexa can offer you the same blue light ring for your whole night. Just say, ‘Alexa…turn on night light’. Also you can specify the time duration for your night light. Otherwise, until your stop command, Alexa will glow the blue light ring for the whole night.

Interview prep

Sounds weird…? Yes, a separate skill is there for the interview preparation also. Just enable this skill, stroll around your room, practice and answer for all the questions raised by the Alexa device. Alexa will ask you the best and typical questions by surfing around the internet. Useful one…? Try out this skill to enhance your ability for interviews.


As the name itself, with this skill, you can get curious topics. Alexa will search around some amusing and famous topic around Wikipedia and other sources and comes up with some topics. It will ask you to choose between the topics. Select your favorite one and learn some new thing every day with Alexa.

How to Activate These Skills

With the help of voice commands itself, you can activate any skill that you want. Know the exact name of that skill and say, ‘Enable [skill name]’ to the Alexa device to activate.

Otherwise, you can follow the below steps to activate the skills using the Alexa app in your smartphone

  • Get the Alexa app from the app store in your smartphone
  • Open the app, access the menu, and click the ‘skills & games’ option
  • In the list of available skills, find your desired one and select it
  • Click the enable button to activate that skill
  • You can also manage other options for that skill like permissions, notifications alerts, parental permission etc

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